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The Media Map

The Second Authority offers tenders for television and radio broadcasting, and issues broadcasting franchises. Commercial broadcasts under the Authority's jurisdiction include the following broadcasting channels:

Channel 2 - broadcasts through two franchise holders: Reshet and Keshet, alongside the Channel 2 News Company, Israel Educational Television and the Authority itself (which may broadcast for 2% of the total airtime).

Channel 10 - broadcasts through one franchise holder (following the amalgamation of the two original tender winners - Israel 10 and Eden Broadcasting), alongside the Channel 10 News Company and the Authority (which may broadcast for 2% of the total airtime).

Israel's media map (like those in other countries) includes both public television that finances its operations from a license fee, public commercial television that finances its operations through advertising, and cable and satellite transmissions that are financed through subscription fees. Public commercial television is a public service that must adhere to public requirements, including: the promotion of various types of original production; reflecting the Israeli and the Jewish experience by providing expression for cultural and social discourse; adapting programs to various age groups and assigning them appropriate time-slots; providing expression for all parts of the country, especially the periphery; maintaining high professional standards and ethics, as well as production values; adopting new technologies and interactive activities.

Regional Radio stations - 16 stations broadcasting to 14 geographical regions throughout the country

In the beginning, the country was divided into eleven regions, based on several elements that characterize each region (such as municipal jurisdiction, geographical area, and demographic & socio-economic characteristics). Beginning March 1998, the Authority received permission to divide the country into additional regions and to offer an unlimited number of franchises. Consequently, in 2000, the Authority expanded the borders of the Arabic speaking region and, in 2002, defined an additional region (number 12) for Jewish-Israeli religious and traditional broadcasting. Furthermore, the Authority may issue directives regarding station characterization in a region, based on target audiences. In 2007, the Authority issued a tender for a Sephardic religious-traditional station.

Broadcast transmission - Television Channels 2 and 10 are distributed through the Second Authority's Transmission and Monitoring Center. Regional radio stations transmit their signals independently - each to the area of its franchise.

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