Terms of Use

Terms of use


The Second Television and Radio Authority (herein, "the Second Authority") provides use of its Internet website and the information that it contains (herein, "the website") subject to the terms of use specified below, and in accordance with any and all modifications made to these terms in the future.

The term "user" employed herein refers to any person that contacts or accesses the website.

Website use is authorized for private, non-commercial purposes only.

Website use is conditional upon the user's unequivocal acceptance of all elements of the terms-of-use specified below.


According to the copyright laws in effect in the state of Israel, and according to international agreements, copyright for the website and the protected material which it contains belongs to the Second Authority, unless explicitly specified that copyright belong to another party.

"Protected material" includes, among other things and without impingement on the above, text, pictures, illustrations, maps, audio and video clips, graphics and software applications.

The user is authorized to make suitable use of protected material, according to the instructions determined by law. Suitable use includes reasonable quotation of protected material. A person quoting protected material, as specified above, must cite the source of the quotation, whether the source is the Second Authority or another party. The user is forbidden to falsify, damage or modify protected material, and to do anything that diminishes its value or damages the dignity or reputation of the Second Authority or another party with copyright to protected material.

Subject to copyright law, the user is forbidden to copy, redistribute, rebroadcast, transmit to a third party, present in public or publish protected material in any manner without the prior written consent of the Second Authority.


The service is provided to the public "as is". The Second Authority assumes no responsibility for adapting the website to user needs. The user alone is responsible for the manner in which he or she uses the website.

The second authority assumes no responsibility for errors or mistakes in the material that the website contains or for modifications made to this material by the user or a third party.

The Second Authority assumes no responsibility for damages, expenditures or losses caused to the user or to a third party either directly or indirectly due to use of the website, including damage resulting from the use of software applications directly downloaded through the website or activated as a result of website use.

For the matters of the present section, "the Second Authority" includes all Second Authority employees and representatives.


This website contains links to other websites. The following instructions apply to use of these links as well and shall in no way serve to detract from the other terms-of-use instructions.

Links are provided solely for the convenience of users.

Unless otherwise indicated by the website, the Second Authority has no legal or commercial relationship with the proprietors of external websites that do not belong to the Second Authority (herein, "third party websites").

The Second Authority has neither control of nor rights to material contained by third party websites. The Second Authority is not responsible for the content of material contained in these websites or for its supervision.

Links to third party websites do not imply the approval, authorization, recommendation or preference of the Second Authority for these websites (including information, documents and all other material), their operators or products and services which they promote.

The Second Authority assumes no responsibility for damages, expenditures or losses caused to the user or a third party either directly or indirectly due to use of links found in the website.

Without derogating from the entirety of the above, it is to be emphasized in this matter that the Second Authority assumes no responsibility for the content of information from third party sites brought to the site, and that the publication thereof in the site does not serve to authenticate the contents thereof. The terms specified above concerning links will also apply to this information.

Maintaining Privacy

Personal information transmitted to the Second Authority by means of this website will be kept confidential according to the terms of the Privacy Law of 1981.

Official Publications of the State of Israel

In the case of inconsistencies or discrepancies between material contained in the website and material appearing in official print publications of the State of Israel, only the material appearing in the official publications shall be considered to be accurate.

Law and Jurisdiction

Use of the website is subject to the laws of the State of Israel alone.

Website use and all things resulting from it are under the sole jurisdiction of the authorized courts in the Jerusalem District.

Contacting the Second Authority

The Second Authority may be directly contacted by e-mail about the website, or any additional questions regarding the Second Authority's various spheres of activity, at the address: rashut@rashut2.org.il.