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Channel 2 - Broadcast Sites

Channel 2 - Broadcast Sites

Transmission Station Coverage area Output Channel MHz frequency
North-eastern Galilee The North-eastern Galilee, Northern Golan, Marom Galil Regional Council - North 400 KW 32 558-566
Upper Galilee Central Galilee, Western Galilee, Zevulun Valley, Carmel Mt., Mizpe Netofa, Nazareth mountains, Migdal Haemek, Ha'amakim junction- Megiddo junction-Jenin route 30 KW 32 558-566
Southern Golan & Kinneret Southern Golan, Tiberius, Beit Shean Valley 5 KW 30 542-550
Afula & Valleys Emek Izrael, Beit Shean Valley, Lower Galilee, Nazareth Illit, Migdal Haemek, Yokneam 1 KW 32 558-566
Carmel Mountains Coastline between Haifa and Netanya, Kiriat Tiv'on, Beit Sha'araim, Ramat Yishai, The Kraiot 5 KW 36 590-598
Western Carmel & Coastal Plain Western Carmel slopes, Central Carmel and Ahauza, Tirat Hacarmel and Haifa's western inlets 400 KW 27 518-526
Haifa Bay Area Lower Haifa, Hadar- Carmel and Bat- Galim, Zevulun Beach 400 KW 30 542-550
Merom Galil Zefat and Cna'an Mt. regions 5 KW 22 478-486
North Jerusalem Northern Jerusalem: Pisgat Ze'ev, Ramot Alon, Neve Ya'acov, Ma'ale Adumim 400 KW 29 534-542
Plains (Shfela) & Judean Hills Dan region, Jerusalem, the midlands, the coastline between Ashqelon and Netanya 30 KW 22 478-486
Merom Galil Zefat and Cna'an Mt. regions 5 KW 22 478-486
South Jerusalem Southern Jerusalem: The Katamons, Gilo, Givat Mordechai and Kiriat Yovel 400 KW 36 590-598
Northern Negev Sha'ar Hanegev regional council settlements, the coastline between Nizanim and Gaza, Northern Negev settlements, including Shderot and vicinity 5 KW 24 494-502
Negev Be'er Sheva, Dimona, Yerucham, Shivta, Ze'elim, Ofakim and vicinity 10 KW 27 518-526
Gulf of Eilat Eilat and Kibbutz Eilot 400 KW 24 494-502
Jordan Valley Ma'ale Ephraim region 50 KW 30 542-550

Subscribers of the cable and satellite TV providers can receive channels 2 and 10 (digital and analog) for no charge as part of the basic channel package.