Orginal   Production

Orginal Production

The Second Authority considers the promotion of original production in Israel as an issue of cultural and national importance. As a representative of the public interest and as derived from its legal responsibilities, it took upon itself the promotion of the Israeli production market. The program code of the Second Authority, sets minimum quotas for broadcasting local productions, most (At least 65%) of which must be produced by bodies other than the franchisees. In addition, the Second Authority set financial standards for the investment in productions, in order to enable a high level of program quality and proper budgets to the local production market.

Within the time slots allotted to the Second Authority's productions (2% of the broadcasting time on each channel) producers are offered the opportunity to develop and present content matters that do not gain sufficient coverage in commercial broadcasts. The programs broadcast by the Second Authority are selected upon tenders that it conducts. These tenders define issues of public interest and adequate budgets to the winners, and provide equal opportunity to small production units and independent producers. Often, the Second Authority productions serve as a primary stage for first time productions of young creators at the beginning of their careers.

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Additional platforms for the encouragement of the creators are funds - either established by the Second Authority or in cooperation with other funds. The Second Authority offers backing and grants for scripts development and scholarships to students of television and film.