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The Second Authority for Television & Radio is the public authority that supervises commercial broadcasting in Israel.

The Authority acts by forces of the Law for the Second Authority for Television & Radio (1990).

The Second Authority regulates the activities of Israel's commercial radio and television channels. It promotes original and high-quality local production and acts towards the minimization of offensive content. All of this aims at serving the public interest and ensuring a diverse and high-quality broadcasting environment.

The Authority is governed by a 15-member public council, whose members reflect the diversity of common public opinions prevalent in Israeli society. The Council determines the Authority's policies and directs the Authority's Director General, whose task it is to execute the policies.

The Authority issues tenders for television and radio broadcasting and awards broadcast franchises. Commercial broadcasting under the Authority's auspices at present include Channel 2 (operated by the Keshet & Reshet franchisees), Channel 10 and a chain of regional stations.

In November 1993, Channel 2 began broadcasting, ending the monopoly for nationally accessible television broadcasting hitherto held by the Israel Broadcasting Authority. In 2000, the Second Authority law was amended, opening the path for the establishment of an additional commercial channel – Channel 10, which began broadcasting on January 28th, 2002. Its establishment ended Channel 2's monopoly over television's advertising market.

The Second Authority Law also allows for the establishment of local radio stations, deployed from Metula in the north to Eilat in the south. These stations are operated by private franchise holders, financed commercially and publicly supervised. The first regional radio stations began broadcasting in September 1995 – transforming the Israeli radio scene.