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IDAN+ lets you choose from a wide variety of IDAN+ reception kits
Digital Converter and dedicated antenna
If you do not intend to buy a new television set, all you need is to purchase a reception kit that includes a digital converter and dedicated antenna, and connect these to your television set. In some cases you may need a better antenna (with higher reception ability) than the one that comes with the converter.
Take into account that the purchase and installation of the kit are the viewers responsibility, and that an unsuitable or damaged converter may impair reception.
In order to ensure optimal reception, the Authority suggests checking the minimal technical requirements, as detailed below.
Financial aid in purchasing a kit 
The Ministry of Finance has instituted an arrangement for financial aid in purchasing kits, based on pre-determined parameters. The grant will total up to NIS 225, or 50% of the total cost whichever is lower. Purchase receipts should be kept for presentation. Additional information may be found under financial aid at, or at our helpline 1-800-071-001, Sundays through Thursdays, 8:30am-5pm and on Fridays and holiday evenings 8:30am-noon.
Television with integrated digital converter and dedicated antenna
Wide-screen (LCD) television set usually include digital converters. These sets do not require the purchase of an external converter. If you have a new television set, check whether it includes an internal digital converter. If so, all you need is an antenna.
In addition, we suggest you check if your set supports Hebrew text. If not, you may not be able to access the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and closed captions will not work as they should.
Satellite dish Reception of IDAN+ broadcasts is possible via satellite, using a basic system that includes a dish and free-to-air receiver.Portable receptionIf you wish to receive IDAN+ broadcasts using a portable or desktop computer, all you need is a kit that includes a USB device and adapted antenna.
IDAN+ broadcasts can also be received using computer screens and automobile video viewers.
Please remember to observe safety and road regulations when watching television in the car. The Second Authority does not issue endorsements or standards for reception kits. In order to receive broadcasts, the Authority recommends ensuring that the equipment meets the minimal technical specifications required for the service:
Supports the DVB-T standard
Supports MPEG-4 picture compression
Supports HE ACC+V2 audio compression
Supports  closed captions
Supports Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Supports DVB-T radio reception
Supports additional sound track on demand

For additional technical specifications, click here.

Antennas suitable for reception of IDAN+ transmissions may be purchased at electronics, electrical appliance and do-it yourself stores.

Most converters are sold with whip-stick antennas. The Second Authority recommends that if needed an enhanced-strength antenna be purchased to improve reception either a Yagi antenna or an active inside (rectangular) antenna.

The location of the antenna in a room may influence reception quality, and it is recommended to experiment with this to find the optimal position.

Outside (roof-top) antennas, identical to those used for analog reception, may also be used.  The following adjustments must be made: direction, horizontal dipole size (30 cm), and removal of any analog filters. Finally, attach the antenna to the converter.

An alternative to a roof-top antenna in below-ground level apartments and places of impeded reception is an indoor multiband TV amplifier. The amplifier must be capable of amplifying at least by 20DB (bandwidth for all UHF frequencies). The amplifier should be connected to an electrical source and on one side to the inside antenna and to the antenna input of the converter or television on the other.

Important! Choosing an antenna is contingent upon location, converter type, etc.

Any questions may be addressed to the Idan+ Helpline. Our attendants are at your service.

For information on antennas, press here

IDAN+ Its getting bigger & wider. Now, 6 television channels, including one for children & families, and radio stations that choose to join the network. We will be please to answer all of your questions at the IDAN+ helpline, either using our contact form or by dialing