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Connecting to IDAN+

Connecting to IDAN The IDAN+ Reception Kit System Advantages Frequently Asked Questions Contact us

How to connect to Idan+
  • Connect the converter to the electricity
  • Slide the on/off switch at the back or the front of the converter to on. Connect television input and the converter output using the tri-colored (red, yellow, white) RCA cable received with the kit.
  • Using the cable that comes with the kit, connect the tri-colored RCA connectors red, white and yellow one group to the television and the other to the converter.
  • Connect the yellow plug to the converters video socket, and the white and red plugs to its audio sockets (white to L and red to R) at the back of the device.
  • Connect the corresponding plugs to any free set of sockets in your television set (e.g. AV1).
  • Connect the antenna cable to the Ant In socket at the rear of the converter.
    * without a dedicated antenna, Idan+ transmissions will not be accessible.
  • Select the correct input using your televisions remote control (AV1, HDMI in accordance with item 5, above). In most remote control consoles, you can select the input source using the Source or AV button.
  • Switch on the converter by pressing the red Power button. The manufacturers logo will appear on your television screen. We advise using the same switch to switch off the converter when not watching television.
  • To scan for broadcast channels, use the converters automatic scan function in accordance with the on-screen instructions. A list of channels on channels 26 and/or 29 will appear on your television screen.
  • Congratulations! You are now connected to Idan+. Happy viewing!

IDAN+ Its getting bigger & wider. Now, 6 television channels, including one for children & families, and radio stations that choose to join the network. We will be please to answer all of your questions at the IDAN+ helpline, either using our contact form or by dialing