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עידן+ ערוצים ישראליים דיגיטליים נגישים
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The IDAN+ Helpline is a telephone service operated by the Second Authority for Television & Radio in order to facilitate the transition to digital television broadcasts in Israel.

Our professional staff will accompany you at each stage – from purchase through installation and until you can enjoy high-quality IDAN+ broadcasts.
However, the responsibility is yours – the viewer. The advice you receive can only be general. The Second Authority will not be held responsible for technical failures in the receiver, its selection or installation. An unsuitable receiver may impair reception.

IDAN+ It’s getting bigger & wider. Now, 6 television channels, including one for children & families, and radio stations that choose to join the network. We will be please to answer all of your questions at the IDAN+ helpline, either using our contact form or by dialing