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The Second Authority offers tenders for television and radio broadcasting, and issues broadcasting franchises. Commercial broadcasts under the Authority's jurisdiction include the following broadcasting channels:
Channel 2 – broadcasts through two franchise holders: Reshet and Keshet, alongside the Channel 2 News Company, Israel Educational Television and the Authority itself (which may broadcast for 2% of the total airtime).
Channel 10 – broadcasts through one franchise holder (following the amalgamation of the two original tender winners – Israel 10 and Eden Broadcasting), alongside the Channel 10 News Company and the Authority (which may broadcast for 2% of the total airtime).
Regional Radio stations – 16 stations broadcasting to 14 geographical regions throughout the country.

Establishment Stories

  • Channel 2
    In February 1993, the Second Authority published its tender for Three Commercial broadcasters.

  • Channel 10
    In March 2000, an amendment to the law heralded the establishment of Channel 10.

  • Regional Radio
    In December 1994, the first seven tender were issued for 14 regional radio stations.

Reshet Noga Keshet Educational Television News Company Israel 10 News10
Radio Tzafon Lelo Hafsaka  (Non Stop North Radio) Radio A-Shams Radio Kol Rega Radio haifa Radio Tishim 90 FM Radios
ECO99FM Radio Lello Hafsaka Radio Tel Aviv Radio Kol Chai Radio Lev Hamedina 91 FM Radio Darom
Kol Hayam Haadom (The Voice of The Red Sea) Radio Kol Barama New Jerusalem Radio