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Analog Transmission Array

Television Broadcast Distribution – channels 2 & 10
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How to receive Channels 2 & 10

Free reception by digital satellite receiver of Channels 2 & 10:

Elevation: 34.1°
Azimuth: 236.7°
Frequency: 11,658.75 MgH
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol rate: 8.5MBd

Free-to-air reception of Channel 2 using an analog UHF central antenna

First find the nearest transmission station to you area of residence, which covers the area.

Ensure that the antenna array is operable (antenna, amplifier, mixer, cable infrastructure from the antenna to the television set).

Scan the bandwidth on your television to find the correct channel, as detailed in the table of transmission sites. Alternatively, set the channel or frequency based on the table. .

Set the received channel into the memory of the television set (or video-recorder).

Reception for multi-channel service subscribers

Cable and satellite company subscribers can receive channels 2 and 10 (analog and digital) without additional payment as part of their basic package.