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Our Roles

Nir Shveky - CEO
The Authority's mission is to administer broadcasts through franchise holders and supervise these.
In fulfilling its task, the Authority seeks to represent, service and promote, professionally and in accordance with the law.

The Structure of the Second Authority

The Second Authority for Television & Radio is the public authority that supervises commercial broadcasting in Israel. The Authority acts by forces of the Law for the Second Authority for Television & Radio (1990).

The Council

Chairman Yulia Shamalov Berkovich
The Council of the Second Authority for Television and Radio comprised of 15 members. The composition of the Council reflects the variety of opinions and attitudes, which prevail in Israel.

Spokperson & Public Relations

Spokesman & publicity

The Media Map

The Second Authority conducts tenders for television and radio broadcasts and provides broadcasting franchises. The commercial broadcasts currently supervised by the Second Authority are: Channels 2, 10 and Regional Radio Stations.

Public Appeals

 Spokperson & Public Relations